Training and Coaching

The Situation

  • You’re spending money on new BI technology, but still getting the same results.
  • Your people need help to accurately interpret data from your reports and dashboards.
  • You’re unsure how to get the right information from your business intelligence (BI) software.
  • You want to improve your BI so that it provides the value you need.
  • You don’t currently use BI technology, and want to understand how it can help you.

Our Solution

Having the best BI tools doesn’t automatically equal business value. We know that truly high-value BI comes from understanding how to use BI technology to your best advantage.

We offer bespoke training that gives teams the knowledge and confidence to get BI right. By developing your own in-house BI experts, we’ll ensure your people have the expertise to meet your objectives and build the right BI solutions to get value from your data.

Book Your Free Online Consultation

Want to get more value from your BI? We provide FREE online consultations where we listen to your BI challenges and aim to describe a range of effective approaches, techniques and methods. These telephone or video conference sessions last up to one hour, and you'll speak with a real consultant, not a salesperson.

Ready to Get Started?

Our specialist BI coaching and training is available on an individual or full team basis, and can be tailored to suit your requirements.

We offer short-term BI strategy briefings for C-level and executive personnel, as well as longer-term coaching for less senior team members. We work with a variety of IT and business roles and cover topics including:

  • Adapting core skillsets to suit BI projects.
  • Leading successful BI projects and programmes.
  • Creating maximum business value with BI technology.
  • Resolving problems and building resilience.

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