At Saltare, We Deliver

Truly valuable reports, dashboards and analyses that create positive and measurable business change.
Data and information governance that assures long-term data quality and accurate, relevant reporting.
Data and BI operating models, that create and support unified data and BI processes.
Enterprise data and BI capabilities, that enable IT to centralise data and BI services and the business to be self-sufficient.
Organisational behavioral change, that solves data ownership and accountability challenges and eliminates silos.
Enthusiastically engaged people, which drives solution adoption and fosters the ideal environment for data and BI success.

Our Services

Here’s how we help organisations to gain real value from their business intelligence.

Business Intelligence and Data Strategy

  • Create clear BI and data strategies that help your business to achieve its goals.
  • Get the most valuable reports and information possible from your data.
  • Align technology with your needs in ways that reduce costs and increase business value.
  • Establish a BI and data culture that everyone in your business embraces.

We use our 4dBI methodology, to shape BI and data strategies that will fulfil your immediate and long-term BI and data objectives, and continuously evolve to drive lasting business value.

“Saltare are outstanding business intelligence and data professionals who blend technical know how with a business led approach. They spoke in a language that the business could understand and were trusted advisors to myself and the leadership team.”

Ecommerce Technology Director

Data and Information Governance

  • Increase the quality and availability of your data to create more accurate reports and BI solutions.
  • Improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of your data processes.
  • Implement data compliance and controls through effective policies, procedures and standards.
  • Achieve a single version of truth that everyone in your business is happy to use.

By increasing the integrity of your data, we’ll enable your business to use more accurate information to make faster decisions and take more reliable actions.

Discover how Saltare transforms your BI.

Let us tell you how we can transform your BI. We provide FREE one hour online consultations either on the phone or over video conference, and you’ll speak with a real consultant, not a salesperson.

BI and Data Operating Models

  • Understand what your business needs to do to achieve BI excellence, and how to do it.
  • Implement capabilities that drive and support high-value BI solutions and business behaviours.
  • Achieve optimal ways of working, such as self-service BI and the democratisation of your data.
  • Assure long-term business value with BI and data standards and operating charters.

We’ll show you how to implement and grow the perfect balance of centralised BI capabilities in IT, alongside practical competencies in BI and data business user communities.

“Using their wealth of experience, Saltare were able to make a range of high quality recommendations to improve BI capability. I found their personal style to be open and engaging.”

Business Intelligence & Insight Director

BI Solution Design and Delivery

  • Design and deliver robust BI solutions that deliver measurable business benefits.
  • Rapidly refine your reporting solutions to meet ever-changing requirements.
  • Adapt and enhance your BI solutions to add new data and extend their capabilities.
  • Integrate BI solution delivery with your existing agile methodology and current technologies.

We use our 4dBI methodology to create the right BI solutions by putting your goals first, and then defining how your people and processes will work with those solutions to achieve those goals.

Data Driven Business Change

  • Drive BI solution adoption by involving business people in BI development and delivery processes.
  • Ensure data analysis and BI solution content is accurately interpreted and effectively acted upon.
  • Implement data-driven changes successfully for maximum business value.
  • Create the optimum cultural environment for BI and data solutions to thrive.

We’ll ensure that the people in your business are confident that they are getting the right information, based on the right data, and are using it in the right way.

Is Your Business Ready for Saltare?

Saltare has an outstanding track record of achieving success for ambitious, forward-thinking companies who are ready to embrace true business intelligence.

Unsure if you’re ready? That’s fine, we’ve prepared a handy checklist to help you decide. You’re perfectly positioned to set out on Saltare’s pathway to true BI if your business:

  • Recognises and understands the benefits of BI.
  • Is genuinely motivated to achieve the full benefits of BI.
  • Has been disappointed with previous BI efforts or is keen avoid the BI mistakes of other businesses.
  • Appreciates that true business intelligence cannot be achieved with technology alone.
  • Needs specialist expertise to understand all of the factors crucial to BI excellence.
  • Needs specialist skills to address all BI success factors and achieve BI goals.
  • Is willing to adopt a unique and proven approach to achieving true business intelligence.

If that sounds like your company then you’re almost certainly a perfect candidate to benefit from our expertise. Take your first step towards true business intelligence by contacting us today.

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