Meet the Team – The Saltare Spotlight on Phil Husbands

Saltare is made up of a team of people who are all working towards the same goal – to empower organisations everywhere to achieve true business intelligence (BI).


Despite our different backgrounds, we all have a shared passion for BI excellence. Our Content Writer, Sophie, will be shining the Saltare spotlight on each member of the team, so you can find out more about us and why we all believe every business can benefit from BI.

This week, we’re kicking things off with Saltare’s Founder (and avid Skydiver), Phil Husbands:


As a keen technology enthusiast, Phil always knew that it was this industry he wanted to pursue a career in. That, or open a little independent coffee shop – but you don’t get to unravel the same amount of data puzzles when it comes to cappuccino!

Phil’s love of all things BI was initially sparked during his first ‘real’ job as a data analyst in a manufacturing firm. Here, he learnt the skills needed to solve complex data problems and make sense of the continuous influx of information that came from various manufacturing systems. It didn’t take Phil long to see the business benefits and positive changes that were created as a result – there was a sense of satisfaction gained by being able to decipher something that no-one else had. It was this appetite for turning data into something valuable and actionable that naturally set him on a career path towards BI.

After working as Head of Management Information at an FTSE250 organisation, Phil began providing BI consultancy to various retail, telecoms and media companies. It’s his firm belief that organisations across the globe should have the skills, confidence and knowledge needed to reap the benefits to be had from BI. After almost 18 years in the industry, Phil then went on to found Saltare. One of his proudest accomplishments to date.

Along with Saltare came Phil’s own four-dimensional BI methodology, or 4dBI for short. The methodology that has empowered some of the world’s biggest brands to deliver truly high-value BI. It works by aligning an organisation’s four vital dimensions; their goals, processes, people and technology to provide genuine BI value and create evolving BI capabilities. 4dBI fits perfectly into Saltare’s focus on driving positive business change with BI technology as it allows BI projects to unlock their full potential. It’s all about knowing how to use your current BI and data technology to your best advantage.

Phil always encourages his clients to never lose sight of the whole point of BI. The primary reason it’s in place is to enable an organisation to achieve its goals by providing relevant and actionable information. You need to learn what the right information is, how it must be interpreted and how it must be applied. As soon as BI becomes just about data and dashboards, the value evaporates, and you end up with information for information’s sake. Remember, successful BI solutions need regular optimisation to ensure you’re reporting on the most relevant information and that they continuously adapt to the ever-changing needs of your business.

But, for Phil, it’s not just about BI. In fact, Phil is a passionate skydiver and has clocked up over 250 plane jumps from around 15,000 feet! While most people prefer to keep their feet on the ground, Phil is now able to skydive solo and never gets tired of the adrenaline rush. So much so, he’s planning a competition for one lucky person to skydive with him! Overcoming challenges doesn’t just apply to BI, and what bigger challenge is there than jumping out of a plane with a parachute on your back? Saltare is Italian for ‘jump’ after all! (Details of the Saltare Skydive will be announced soon!)

So, with a BI consultancy that allows him to travel to amazing places, work with the world’s most fascinating businesses, and pursue his ‘daft’ hobbies (well, what’s more exciting than plunging towards the ground at more than 120 miles an hour?), what advice can Phil pass on to budding BI practitioners?

“Understand the importance of not overthinking or over-analysing, and to apply ‘progress over perfection’”. Or, at least, procrastinate over a decent latte in a nice little independent coffee shop!


If you’d like to learn how Phil can help your organisation drive truly valuable BI, why not schedule a chat with him? He’d be happy to talk through your data challenges and share his thoughts on how your BI projects can be improved!