Case Study

How we built new BI capabilities for a global media and entertainment organisation.

Our Client

An instantly recognisable global brand, our client is one of the three largest media and entertainment enterprises in the world with the following business segments:

  • Media networks.
  • Parks and resorts.
  • Studio entertainment.
  • Consumer products.
  • Interactive media.

The Challenges

Our client wanted to improve the BI capabilities of their hotel and theme park ticketing business. Their existing BI consisted of multiple Excel-based reports, received from numerous sources in various formats.

With no BI strategy in place our client’s BI wasn’t delivering value, but was instead presenting these challenges:

  1. Analysts had to manually manipulate data to generate the right information.
  2. Data weren’t being stored centrally making it near-impossible to gain a single customer view.
  3. Analysis and reporting lacked governance, were inconsistent and delivered minimal insight and business value.
  4. BI was not perceived as a priority. There was only a small budget and limited resource available for creating improvement.

Our Solution

  • We used our 4dBI methodology to review our client’s current BI maturity. This meant we could develop a BI strategy that supported a collaborative culture and new BI solutions.
  • To enable a centralised approach to BI and unlock real value from data, we first looked at our client’s goals. We then established the processes and information required to achieve them.
  • We chose the best BI tools for the job in close collaboration with the people who would be using them. Our client was a Microsoft customer, so we selected Power BI and Azure to deliver the right BI capabilities, at the right cost.
  • Throughout the project, our 4dBI cycle aligned the activities of our client and Microsoft. This allowed for the successful implementation of their new BI solution and ensured the delivery of truly high-value BI.

Our Work In Numbers


Business data attributes identified, standardised, and optimised.


Hours saved each month by eliminating manual data manipulation.


Days required to transform new source data into automated BI solutions.


New dashboards and reports. The minimum set of information to deliver the maximum value.


New reporting data repository, providing a single source of highly available optimised data.


Months of work.
Yes, just 9!

The Result

  • More time to focus on analysing and reporting data.
  • KPIs which tangibly work towards achieving business goals.
  • Real-time campaign reporting and proactive customer sentiment analysis capabilities.
  • People-focused coaching, and the accurate interpretation and application of BI content.
  • A centralised, strategic approach to BI that enables continued growth in BI business value.

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