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Over the past 20 years or so I’ve seen many businesses take a depressingly familiar approach to business intelligence. It goes something like this: First build a data warehouse, next deploy BI and analysis tools, then finish off by creating new reports, dashboards and data visualisations.

All too often I would see businesses taking this approach struggle to accomplish anything more than simply implementing technology. They would initially applaud their new data warehouse and feel good about their shiny new dashboards. But eventually they would reluctantly realise that people weren’t using them, or that they weren’t delivering the benefits they expected.

For these unfortunate organisations, the vision of a truly data-driven business supported by self-service insights seemed more distant than ever.

It was clear to me that businesses were commonly missing the whole point of BI, which is to use high-quality data to help attain business goals. You want your business to achieve success, not waste time churning out irrelevant reports just for the sake of it. Yet so many BI projects fail to go any further than that.

I founded Saltare specifically to address this challenge.

Fast-forward to today and we’ve shown some of the world’s biggest brands how BI and data technology can be used as tools, not solutions. Our groundbreaking 4dBI methodology helps businesses achieve the benefits that BI and data technologies offer by surrounding them with common-sense strategies and cost-effective business change.

So if you’re searching for genuine BI expertise then get in touch with us today. We’d love to help your organisation become one of the growing number achieving true business intelligence with Saltare.

Phil Husbands – Founder and CEO.

Saltare's Vision

  • We strive to nurture a dynamic movement of people and organisations which understand the meaning of true business intelligence.
  • We are passionate about developing and sharing business intelligence expertise for the empowerment of businesses everywhere.
  • We want every organisation to achieve true business intelligence, free from unnecessary distractions and costs arising from disproportionate uses of technology.
  • We aim to eradicate BI projects that result only in technical implementations, and instead proliferate an approach that truly helps businesses to achieve their goals.

Our Partners

Achieving true business intelligence requires a specific range of specialist skills.
We partner with these fantastic organisations to offer our clients an unrivalled mix of the right expertise.

Acrotrend specialises in bringing together the right data, the right tech and the right questions in order to generate better business outcomes and deliver business transformation.
OEE Consulting
OEE connects design thinking with technology and renowned implementation skills, to transform organisations and create exceptional customer experiences.
OfficeLabs help build better businesses by bringing people, technology and information together in ways that improve processes and decision-making.

Become Part of the Saltare Team

Are you seeking new opportunities at the cutting edge of real business intelligence? You’ve come to the right place.

At Saltare, we’re always looking to connect with talented BI and data professionals who can help us maintain and evolve the outstanding level of service that our clients are accustomed to.

The Saltare team is a network of trusted associates, who work in various locations as members of a vibrant community of like-minded BI and data professionals. Wherever we work, we’re passionately motivated to deliver first-class data and BI solutions.

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