Before you start, know where you're going!

Putting technology first in business intelligence is like starting a race before you know where the finish line is. You can put huge amounts of effort in and run brilliantly – in entirely the wrong direction.

We create BI that meets your objectives

Our 4dBI methodology creates BI strategies based on your business goals, and then engineers BI solutions that support those objectives.

BI tools and data technology alone don’t equal business value


True BI value comes when BI technology is aligned with a business’s goals, people and processes

4dBI Business Intelligence Model

Business intelligence is defined by the way that a business works. Get that right, and you create the conditions
for BI technology to deliver real value. We understand this formula and how to apply it.

The 4dBI Model

Our unique method combines the four vital dimensions of your business: its goals, processes, people and technology, to create truly high value business intelligence. This methodology is called Four Dimensional Business Intelligence, or 4dBI.

4dBI Business Intelligence Model

Explore each aspect of the 4dBI model in more detail.

How 4dBI Works

4dBI is comprised of a strategic framework, a delivery lifecycle and an operating model,
which work in unison to drive delivery of truly valuable BI solutions , and evolve enduring BI capabilities.

4dBI Business Intelligence Model

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The 4dBI Framework

Real business intelligence creates a virtuous cycle, where the information generated informs the ongoing
evolution of your BI capabilities, so they adapt harmoniously with your ever-changing business needs.

4dBI Business Intelligence Model

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